Methamphetamine (“Meth”) is a stimulant that is listed in the same drug class as cocaine. It was originally prescribed to patients as a weight loss aid, antidepressant and a decongestant. It wasn’t uncommon for patients to abuse it to take advantage of the drug’s stimulant effects.

The levels of meth abuse have fluctuated in this country, partially due to changes in laws to meth precursors, but then use surged again when “super labs” began manufacturing it and bringing it back into the U.S.

While meth is quite often used on its own, many users will combine it with other drugs to create a particular type of physical reaction. Mixing meth in this way is very dangerous and may even be fatal more fatal that using the drug by itself.

Common Drug Combinations Used by Methamphetamine Addicts

Combine Meth with….

• Opiates

Mixing meth and opiates results in a “speedball.” Morphine is often used as the opiate part of this recipe. When used together, the two drugs produce a greater high than either one of them would give a user on its own.

Doing a speedball puts a person at high risk of injury, since it often makes a person have difficulty walking. It also puts them at high risk for an overdose on opiates, since the meth increases the body’s circulatory system.

• Alcohol

Since meth is a stimulant, it can cover up the sedative effects of alcohol. As a result, someone could drink more than they normally would. When used in combination, a person may experience high blood pressure, along with hallucinations or the risk of psychosis. Continued use can lead to chronic liver damage and cancer.

• Ecstasy

Ecstasy or MDMA is similar to a stimulant and a hallucinogenic drug. It gives the user increased energy, a sense of pleasure and a distorted sense of time and place.

When used along with meth, it’s possible for a user to overheat. At a certain temperature, the body will start to shut down. This situation can be fatal if medical attention is not obtain promptly.

• Xanax

Meth users may experience anxiety as a result of using the drug. Xanax, as an anti-anxiety medication, can be used to deal with these feelings.

The combination of the two drugs can lead to heart issues. The meth is telling the heart to speed up and the Xanax is giving it the opposite message. This can result in an irregular heart beat, and may lead to heart failure for some meth users.

• Klonopin

Klonopin is prescribed to treat anxiety, panic disorder and seizures. Methamphetamine addicts may believe that it will help them come down from the high of using the drug. It can mask meth’s effects and lead to an overdose.

Combining meth with any other drug is a very dangerous practice. Methamphetamine addiction is a serious situation that requires treatment from experienced professionals. Anyone who is concerned about their own or a loved one’s meth use should seek help from a drug addiction treatment center.