Roughly 88% of illicit drug dependencies, and 97% of alcohol dependencies in Alabama are left untreated by rehabilitation facilities. A very large portion of the people in Alabama that are addicted to these substances are left to deal with their dependency issues on their own and most are unable to cope with these issues on their own. This is one of the reasons why finding a successful addiction treatment center can be essential to ending the problem for an individual.

Drug use has been on the slight decline over the past few years, but there is still a large portion of Alabama’s population that still struggles with dependency on drugs or alcohol. 5% of Alabama citizens over the age of 12 have reported having trouble with their alcohol use. Over 9% of adolescents under the age of 17 struggle with similar issues relating to illicit drug use.

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These high rates of dependency translate to young people in Alabama having more than the national average amount of Major Depressive Episodes, and even thoughts of suicide. Alabama’s rate of serious mental illness is also roughly 2% above the national average.

Over half of the patients enrolled in rehabilitation services list alcoholism as their primary reason for seeking outside help. Marijuana and cocaine are the second and third most frequently cited substances by rehabilitation patients; and methamphetamines and opiates account for about 10% of enrollees.

In Alabama there are 109 private rehabilitation facilities, 66 of which are for-profit and the remaining 43 are not for-profit. Alabama also has a small number of publicly funded treatment centers that are run by the local, state, or federal government. Most people who struggle with addiction find that private rehabilitation offers a more comprehensive service, and that there is a higher chance at success with these programs.

Because of the state’s low enrollment levels among citizens with dependency issues, it is very important for people with drug or alcohol problems, and for loved ones to seek out help. It is highly recommended for prospective patients to find a referral service that can make recommendations based on individual needs. Rehabilitation services come in a wide range of specialties and price points, some going through insurance, and some billing privately. Most of the rehabilitation services offered in Alabama (about 88%) also offer outpatient or residential care for their patients as well as in-house care.

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