Drug use in Illinois is, on average, lower than the rest of the country. For Illinois residents between the ages of 12 and 17, over 9% admit to illicit drug dependency. The average for the rest of the country is just under 10%. The average amount of drug addictions for all Illinois residents, regardless of age, is 2.5%; this is compared with 2.7% for the rest of the country.

95% of people in Illinois needing help with recovery from illicit drug use never find help from a rehabilitation center. The other 5% are fortunate enough to find help on their path to recovery and are enrolled in a drug rehabilitation service.

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Alcohol dependency on the other hand, is higher in Illinois than in other states in the country. Over 7% of people living in Illinois struggle with alcohol addiction. This is slightly higher than the national average of about 6.5%.

People in Illinois needing treatment for their alcohol addiction receive treatment for their abuse only 2% of the time. This shows that an overwhelming majority of Illinois residents who struggle with alcohol never enroll in a rehabilitation program.

Illinois has many options for those seeking help with drug or alcohol addiction recovery. In Illinois there are over 500 treatment centers offering help with alcohol and/or drug rehabilitation; most of the facilities in Illinois are privately owned and operated with only a very small number being run by the state, or local government. Of those enrolled in Illinois’ treatment facilities, about 40% struggle with drugs only, another 23% are seeking help with alcoholism, and the other roughly 37% abuse both drugs and alcohol.

It is strongly recommended that anyone in Illinois struggling with drug or alcohol addiction seek the help of a rehabilitation facility. There are many variables to consider in finding the right treatment, many people find that rehabilitation referral services are also a useful tool in recovery.

Of the illicit drugs mentioned by patients in treatment facilities, heroin is the most frequently abused substance, with just under 40% of those enrolled saying it is their primary drug used. Another 35% of Illinois residents in recovery cite marijuana as their primary illicit substance. The third most often abused drug mentioned in treatment facilities is cocaine, at just under 20%.

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