Louisiana’s drug use is, on average, about the same as it is in the rest of the country. Roughly 3% of Louisiana residents struggle with illicit drug addiction, this is the same as the national average. Addiction rates among people between the ages of 12 and 17 in Louisiana are around 7% which is lower than the average for the country. Nationwide, 12 to 17 year-olds struggle with illegal drug dependency just under 10% of the time.

Alcohol dependency has been steadily decreasing in Louisiana and in recent years, is largely similar to the national average. About 6.5% of individuals struggle with alcohol dependency both in Louisiana and in the rest of the country.

Find drug and alcohol rehab help in Louisiana

The most frequently abused illegal drug in Louisiana is marijuana. In a survey asking rehabilitation program enrollees what their primary drug of use is, marijuana was listed about 32% of the time. Heroin and other opiates were cited by roughly 28% of respondents, and cocaine was the third most popular drug mentioned in the survey at about 21%.

For those seeking help with drug or alcohol addiction in Louisiana, there are 144 different rehabilitation facilities in the state. 93 of them are privately owned and operated, while the other 51 are run by the local, state, or federal government. In Louisiana, most of the facilities are exclusively for those struggling with addiction to either drugs or alcohol, but 22 of the 144 centers also offer services that have to do with mental health disorders as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

In Louisiana, people who reported heavy alcohol use and dependency receive treatment for their addiction only about 1.5% of the time. Only about 11% of people addicted to illegal drugs find treatment for their addiction.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation can prove to be a very difficult process for a lot of people, it is highly recommended that anyone looking for help with their dependency issues enroll in a recovery program at a rehabilitation center. There are many different options from which to choose, and many people find it helpful to contact a referral service to find the right facility. Many options need to be considered in finding the right treatment in order to have the best chance at recovery.

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